JOB Bulbs GmbH



The JOB GmbH was established in 1971 by Dipl.-Ing. Eduard J. Job. Since their introducing JOB THERMO BULBS have become the standard heat responsive glass bulbs for the sprinkler industry. Due to high quality and reliability up to 800 Million JOB THERMO BULBS are now beeing installed worldwide by all major sprinkler manufacturers for service in fire protection and life safety.

In the mid-1980's JOB GmbH developed smaller and faster THERMO BULBS retaining the superior features of previous designs thus meeting all requirements of effective fire safety. The JOB GmbH was the first company who introduced Fast Response THERMO BULBS to the industry.

The unique and patent bone shape design of JOB THERMO BULBS combined with the special F-liquid are decisive factors for the outstanding thermal response and the superior strength of the glass bulbs.

An outstanding quality control system together with unique visual computerized inspection methods ensures that JOB THERMO BULBS fulfil all stringent in-house quality requirements. The majority of JOB THERMO BULBS are component recognized at national and international approval agencies like UL, LPCB, VdS, TFRI, etc.

In areas where a thermally actuated self-releasing mechanism is required to operate in the event of fire, such as Kitchen Hoods, Paint Booths, ect. JOB THERMO BULB LINKS can be used. JOB has combined the successfully proven THERMO BULB technology with a strong and innovative Link design.

The needs of Sprinkler manufacturers to significantly improve output and flexibility of the quality assured sprinkler production brought JOB GmbH to develop a system of Sprinkler Test Equipment like integrity test equipment, bath test equipment, etc. JOB bath test equipment is shown in international standards like ISO and CEN.