JOB Bulbs GmbH

Customer Support

In order to give the best possible support to customers Job has a full time separate Customer Service Departement. Qualified Engineers assist customers utilizing JOB THERMO BULBS to solve all technical questions either from the head office in Germany or - if necessary - they visit customer's facilities. JOB provides equipment to unpack the THERMO BULBS out of the Bulb Tape. Furthermore JOB provides equipment (bath test, strength test) to carry out the final tests at the end user. The Thermal Bath Test Equipment is adapted to the ISO-Standard and is used in the Laboratories of UL, FM, VdS and TRFI. The final test of the assembled sprinkler on the Bulb Integrity Test machine detects every possible damage of the glass bulb that could occur during the assembly procedure.  Job is an active member of NFPA, IFSA, EFSN  and participates in ISO, CEN and UL task groups.